At Capital Benefit Group our consulting capabilities are well rounded. We bring over 49 years of experience in consultation, design and implementation of employee benefits, executive compensation, and corporate finance arrangements. Our Company is staffed by experienced individuals in the area of benefits- including medical, life, disability, retirement and multiple insurance products. As consultants we keep our clients informed during each phase of an engagement.



These phases are:




design phaseDesign Phase

  • Obtain an understanding of your business and assist in meeting compensation and benefit objectives.
  • Recommend cost effective, practical alternatives, and help you understand the financial and personal implications of each option.
  • Provide proposals and background information necessary for you to make informed decisions





implementation phase

Implementation Phase

  • Help you implement plans and programs
  • Keep you updated on events that may affect the future of these plans or programs
  • Define and communicate employee benefits within your organization



Operational and Administrative Support Phase

This phase dovetails with the implementation phase since it involves the monitoring of the employee benefit program. How we work with you is as important as the service we provide. Quick response to your requests and providing understandable consulting advice in the complex benefits, compensation, and actuarial area is our number one goal.