Designed for Shared Success

Any company can provide products. Some may even excel at developing plans or processes. But no one delivers the complete package of Capital Automotive. Specialists in product administration, marketing and support since 2001, we provide proven solutions and services that can help any dealership increase profit margins, brand recognition and customer loyalty.


We work directly with dealerships as partners, creating a symbiotic relationship that thrives on mutual success. Each time a dealership sells one of the products we offer, Capital Automotive receives a small commission. This commission pays for our services, so your dealership has no initial cash output. Essentially, we only get paid if we help you sell products.


In addition to valuable, dealership-relevant products and programs, we provide services to help you meet your revenue goals.

  • Compensation plan development
  • Training for finance services, sales and fixed operations
  • Accounting procedures and controls
  • Personnel recruitment, development and management
  • Dealer-focused management support


Best of all, we take time to understand your business, market, and customers, so each solution is tailored to your specific needs.